About Aly Goldberg

Aly Goldberg

My work in program management and communication have earned me several awards and resulted in articles in over 50 publications and media outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The Daily Show. I am fortunate in that throughout my career I’ve been able to uphold my three core values: compassion, dependability, and resourcefulness.

COMPASSION - I care about others and believe that when others are suffering it is the duty of those that have the resources to help. This value has driven me to participate in countless volunteer efforts and to serve on numerous nonprofit boards. It also makes me seek out ways for the companies I’ve worked for to make a positive impact.

DEPENDABILITY - Upon my graduation from college, my father had the confidence to make me the director of property management for his commercial real estate firm. There I leased and managed over 1 million square feet of office and retail space and took properties from a 70% vacancy rate to having a waitist.

RESOURCEFULNESS - When I worked for two international corporations (first Cap Gemini and later Deutsche Bank), it was in the early years of the technology boom. We didn’t have access to all the data or resources we have today, yet my employers still expected outstanding results. I found ways to make things happen. Years later, when I served as the Chief of Staff for an Information Technology Firm, it was easy to accomplish any task set before me.